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Dr. Schofield, Dr. Martin, and Dr. Smagula are here to guide you on your journey to a complete and natural-looking smile with the power of dentures. Get ready to rediscover the joy of a smile that lights up your life!

What Are Dentures?

At Family Dentistry of Westford we believe that everyone deserves a confident and beautiful smile. A denture, or a complete denture, is an appliance you put in your mouth to replace natural teeth, providing support for the cheeks and lips.

Dentures in our Westford office are made from acrylic and can be fabricated in two ways:

  • A conventional denture is made after all teeth have been extracted and the tissues (gums) have healed.
  • An immediate denture is fabricated and inserted immediately after the teeth are extracted, and the tissues are allowed to heal under the denture.
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Are Dentures Permanent?

Your Family Dentistry of Westford dentures are built to last, but over time, they will wear and need to be replaced to maintain proper jaw alignment. The alignment will slowly change as the bone and gum ridges recede or shrink due to the extraction of the teeth.

Regular dental examinations are still important with your dentures so Dr. Schofield, Dr. Martin, or Dr. Smagula can detect potential diseases or spot any changes before they become problematic.

What Are Dentures
Made Of?

An upper denture has pink acrylic that covers the palate (roof of the mouth). A lower denture is shaped like a horseshoe to leave room for the tongue.

The teeth are plastic, porcelain, or a combination of materials. Dentures can fit over endodontically treated teeth, and a complete denture can be attached to dental implants for a more secure fit.

Types of Dentures

At Family Dentistry of Westford, we offer a range of different styles of denture to best suit your unique smile needs. We offer:

  • Complete Dentures: These are great if you’ve lost all your natural teeth in either the upper or lower arch or both. These are custom-made to fit your mouth precisely and provide a full set of teeth, allowing you to regain the ability to chew, speak, and smile confidently.
  • Partial Dentures: If you have some remaining natural teeth, partial dentures might be the ideal solution. These use replacement teeth attached to a gum-colored base, then secured in place with metal clasps or precision attachments. Partial dentures fill in the gaps created by missing teeth and prevent the surrounding teeth from shifting.
  • Implant-Supported Dentures: If you want a more stable and permanent solution, implant-supported dentures might just be for you. These anchor to dental implants that’ve been surgically placed in your jawbone. Implant-supported dentures provide enhanced stability, improved biting force, and a more natural feel compared to traditional dentures.

Benefits of Dentures

Now that you understand what dentures are and the different types available let's explore the remarkable benefits they offer.

Restored Functionality

Dentures enable you to enjoy a wide variety of foods, improving your ability to chew and digest properly. Say goodbye to dietary restrictions and embrace a nutritious and balanced diet.

Enhanced Looks

Dentures are custom-designed to match the appearance of your natural teeth, ensuring a seamless and natural-looking smile. You can regain your self-confidence and enjoy smiling without hesitation.

Improved Speech

Missing teeth can affect your speech, causing slurred or unclear pronunciation. Dentures fill in the gaps, allowing you to speak with clarity and confidence.

Boosted Self-Esteem

Dentures can have a significant positive impact on your self-esteem and overall quality of life. With a restored smile, you can engage in social interactions, attend events, and pursue professional opportunities with renewed confidence.

Facial Support

Missing teeth can lead to sagging facial muscles, which can make you appear older. Dentures help restore the structure and support of your facial tissues, giving you a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance.

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Differences Between Dentures & Implants

While dentures are a popular choice for tooth replacement, dental implants offer an alternative option with unique advantages. Let's explore the key differences between dentures and implants:


Dentures are removable appliances that sit on top of your gums. They rely on suction or adhesive for stability and may require periodic adjustments to maintain a proper fit. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Dentures are a more affordable option compared to dental implants.
  • They're a great option if you’ve experienced significant tooth loss or have too little jawbone density for implants.
  • Dentures can be removed for cleaning and while sleeping.

Dental Implants

Dental implants, on the other hand, are permanent replacements for missing teeth. They consist of a titanium post surgically implanted into the jawbone, acting as an artificial tooth root. Here are some key points to know about dental implants:

  • Implants provide superior stability and support, functioning and feeling like natural teeth.
  • They promote jawbone health by stimulating bone growth and preventing bone loss.
  • Implants offer long-term durability and can last a lifetime with proper care.

Which Option Is Right For You?

Choosing between dentures and implants depends on a number of factors, such as oral health, budget, and personal preferences. At Family Dentistry of Westford, Dr. Schofield, Dr. Martin, and Dr. Smagula will work with you to guide you toward the best option for your smile.

Factors to consider include:

  • Oral Health: The condition of your teeth, gums, and jawbone will determine whether you are a good candidate for dental implants or if dentures are a more suitable solution.
  • Budget: Dentures tend to be more cost-effective initially, while dental implants require a greater investment upfront. However, implants offer long-term benefits that may outweigh the initial cost difference.
  • Lifestyle: Consider your lifestyle and how the different options align with your daily routines, maintenance preferences, and desired level of stability.

During your consultation, we’ll carefully evaluate your needs, discuss your goals, and provide expert recommendations tailored to your specific situation. We’ll always work to point you towards the best solution for you.

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Restore Your Smile

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