Making Your Family Smile

Family dentistry encompasses all our dental services to help prevent dental diseases, treat oral conditions, restore damaged teeth, and maintain overall wellness.

Oral Exam

Regular oral exams allow our dentists in Westford to check up on your oral health and identify problems as early as possible.

Here at Family Dentistry of Westford, we use the latest technologies, including digital X-rays and intraoral cameras, to give you convenient, effective, and comfortable oral exams.

We recommend at least two oral exams each year to check the health of your teeth and gums and isolate minor problems before they become big ones.

Dental Cleanings

Professional dental cleanings use advanced techniques to clean areas that you can easily miss during your at-home oral hygiene routines.

Teeth cleanings are essential for preventing decay and gum disease and reducing the risks of serious problems developing down the road.

As with oral exams, our dentists recommend at least two dental cleanings per year to help you maintain good oral health.

Periodontal Disease

Adults over 35 lose more teeth to gum diseases (periodontal disease) than cavities. Three out of four adults are affected at some time in their life. Good oral hygiene is the best way to prevent cavities and periodontal disease.

Periodontal diseases are infections of the gums, which gradually destroy the support of your natural teeth. There are numerous disease entities requiring different treatment approaches.

The best way to prevent gum disease is effective daily brushing and flossing as well as regular professional examinations and cleanings.

Unfortunately, even with the most diligent home dental care, you can still develop some periodontal disease. Once this disease starts, professional intervention is necessary to prevent its progress.


Dental sealants are typically placed on the back teeth to provide an extra layer of strength and protection against cavities.

The durable sealant material we use at Family Dentistry of Westford guards against bacteria and prevents harmful particles from lingering in small spaces.

We recommend that children between the ages of six to 14 years of age receive dental sealants, as their adult molars are erupting.

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