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At Family Dentistry of Westford, we understand the unique dental needs of children and are dedicated to providing specialized pediatric dentistry in a welcoming and child-friendly environment. Our practice is committed to ensuring that every visit is a positive experience for both you and your child.

Your Child's Dental Health Partner

At Family Dentistry of Westford, we are passionate about providing the best pediatric dental care. Our team is dedicated to making each visit a fun and educational experience for your child. Whether you're bringing in your toddler for their first dental check-up or your teen for an orthodontic consultation, we're here to support your child's dental health journey every step of the way.

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The Importance of Pediatric Dentistry

Specialized Care for Young Smiles

Pediatric dentistry offers distinct advantages over general family dentistry when it comes to caring for children's oral health. Our pediatric dentists have specialized training in addressing the dental needs of infants, children, and adolescents. We focus not only on treatment but also on preventive care and education, helping to establish healthy habits that last a lifetime.

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Pediatric Services for Infants and Toddlers

Building a Foundation for Healthy Smiles

For infants and toddlers, early dental visits are crucial for setting the stage for lifelong oral health. Our pediatric services include:

Early Assessment

Monitoring the development of teeth and jaws.

Preventive Care

Guidance on proper oral hygiene practices and nutritional advice.

Habit Counseling

Assistance with issues like thumb sucking and pacifier use.

Pediatric Dentistry for Pre-Teens and Teens

Navigating the Changes of Growing Smiles

As children grow into pre-teens and teens, their dental needs evolve. Our pediatric services for this age group focus on:

Orthodontic Evaluation

Assessing the need for braces or other orthodontic treatments.

Cavity Prevention

Sealants and fluoride treatments to protect against tooth decay.


Empowering pre-teens and teens to take charge of their oral health.

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